The Power of the Past and the Future of Europe

Erasmus+ cooperation between organisations from

Finland, France, Germany, Poland, Spain

The project

Connecting Memories: We focus on themes and taboos of debating history and methods of a democratic historical-political education. What do we know about the Franco dictatorship? What about the German unification process, what about the roots of right-wing extremism in Poland? Jump into the project’s idea.

What we do

The project partners learn from each other by a) experiencing didactic approaches such as making documentaries, object games, community theatre or sociodrama and b) exchanging on history from different points of view. The cooperation results in teaching material on ‘memory education’ in a European horizon.

What we produce

We document our activities by photos and videos. Together we created audio postcards and street interviews. With pleasure we undertook small researches on how historical events are perceived by citizens in different countries. We have held local events to ‘anchor’ the project each organisation’s context.

 Connecting Memories’ latest news

The association Hors Pistes in Marseille hosted the first project’s Learning, Teaching and Training Activities in May 2018. Educational workers from a museum in Finland, a private university in Poland and NGOs in Spain, Germany and France learned from each other different methods of historical-political education.

The AHE university in Lódz hosted the second workshop in November 2018. Adult educators from each partner organisation shared creative methods to gain learner’s interest in history of the own and of other European societies. We got to know HERstory and learned about the multicultural past of Lódz. And we applied hand mapping, “thinking hats”, etc. Encouraging, inspiring, enriching…